Basic security equipment to guard a farm!

Today there is a more than ever pressing need to apply effective guarding solutions in farms, whether it is our farmhouse itself or plant and animal production units or other types of sites.

Security cameras are the most basic part of a security system, since they capture image and sound at specific points, forming the eyes of a closed surveillance circuit. Security cameras and closed circuits aiming primarily to prevent and keep records that help us to draw safe conclusions, so that there is complete knowledge of the dangers from which we must protect our life and property. External security cameras confront a difficult environment, such as humidity, low light, and high possibility of their intentional or unintentional destruction. For this reason, they are very durable and covered with a protective casing, and their technology is much more advanced than indoor cameras. They usually incorporate infrared radiation technology to cope with night shots, and their operation takes place either through a closed circuit or via the internet. Internal cameras have a simpler structure and function, so they are cheaper.

Installing an alarm system is an additional effective choice to protect us from invaders in our space. A quality branded professional alarm system is almost impossible to be breached. There are also smoke-fire detectors that can be connected to the alarm system and with the appropriate setting by the installer to be in operation 24 hours a day, regardless if the alarm is armed or not. With these detectors we can detect fire and smoke.

Last but not least, the traditional way of guarding a space that is the most common one and  it has to do with guard dogs, of which the German Shepherd dog is distinguished, is still an option. The German Shepherd is faithful, strong and full of will, it has tremendous self-confidence and is truly fearless. It is a very good companion and can be used as a guard dog but it must have intensive and extensive training from a very early age, as it also requires persistent exercise. It can adapt life in enclosed spaces but feels better when it is comfortable to wander in large, free spaces. When German Shepherd  sees strangers it is watching them cautiously and examining them, and on the other hand it also likes to be together with children, with whom it can play all day. It is the best guard dog and protects its space and its family with incredible efficiency.

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