Investing in Aloe Vera farming!

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) farming opens new horizons in the primary sector as it conquers larger and larger areas with many young people investing in this business, following the steps of those who are already active in the particular market.

Cultivating this miraculous plant is a very simple matter. It is enough to have a piece of land at a location with proper soil and climate. Aloe Vera can grow on rocky and dry soils which must be drained easily. Alternatively, it can also grow in pots, provided that the diameter of the pot is at least equal to half the length of plant’s leaves. Allies and helpers of the plant are the sun and the heat, and it does not thrive in very cold temperatures and in areas where winter brings snow for more than 2 days. The color of the plant is pure green while browning during the summer months because of its exposure to more sunlight.

Aloe Vera plants have a surface root system that grows in width, so it does not need plowing deeper than 30 cm, while new plants can be planted all year round, except during the winter. There are over 250 species of Aloe in the world and the most of them occur in Africa, North America and India. Aloe Vera is a relatively easy growing Aloe and it grows in many types of soil. It is a semi-tropical plant and will only stand outdoors if you ensure it will not freeze during the winter. The fact that it consists by 95% of water makes it vulnerable to cold. A mature Aloe Vera plant can yield up to 12 kg of gel per year, a figure which is translated to about $100 a year, while cultivation care is easy and economical.

Aloe Vera gel contains a wide range of substances such as several types of acetyl-mannose, polymannose, anthraquinones and various lectins. The plant contains about 200 ingredients that make it a powerful medicine. Aloe Vera is mainly used externally as a smearing. More often, Aloe Vera is used as a soothing agent in various skin irritations such as burns, calluses, scars, herpes, and because it is absorbed faster than water, the skin is healing quickly. In addition, Aloe Vera keeps the skin soft and it is used to treat the body and hair, as it hydrates, increases collagen production and enhances natural defense.

Aloe Vera, which means Aloe Genuine, can be described as a miraculous plant with many uses. In antiquity people called Aloe Vera as the herb of Immortality because of its countless healing properties. Ancient Greeks and Romans used it for the treatment of wounds and during the Middle Ages it was also used as a laxative.

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