Investing in residential solar panels!

If you are considering to install solar panels at your home, then you are probably going to make one of your best investments. However, there are many questions about the efficiency of solar panels in general, which the present article wiil try to answer as follows

The solar panels are an excellent energy solution for people who want the energy self-sufficiency and autonomy of their homes and is an investment perfectly compatible with a "green" and ecological way of life, since it substitutes the traditional energy sources that are particularly polluting for the environment (e.g. diesel generators). So, the first and most important advantage of solar energy is that it is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, one does not need to have technical knowledge to understand the benefits of solar energy technology, specially the solar panels, which are the means by which we utilize solar energy. The autonomous photovoltaic systems consist of the below subsystems and components:

• Photovoltaic modules that convert solar energy to electric
• Batteries for electricity storage
• Autonomous network alternator (or alternators) to convert the DC power to alternating power in order to supply the household loads
• Charging regulator that determines the function of solar panels and adjusts the charging voltage of the batteries

The cost of installing a residential solar roof, out of about $40.000 which was a few years ago, fell to about $18.000 in our days. Since a roof of 10 kWp produces around 14.500 kWh per year in areas such as those of the European South with great sunshine, the payback of the project is made according to the new prices in 5 years. Similar investments in countries with lower sunshine by 40% of those mentioned previously such as Germany present capital returns at 8%, and according to this the payback of the project takes place in about 12 years.

With one way or another the residential photovoltaic systems have been proven by the most advantageous investments. For these reasons the installation should be regularly checked for issues that affect the physical integrity or performance of the photovoltaic system.

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