Almonds against cancer!

People often avoid nuts because of their relatively high fat content. However, as the researchers have pointed out, in fact, those who often eat nuts are stronger than those who do not eat.

The almond comes in two versions, the sweet and the bitter version, the first of which is edible and the second is mainly used for the production of almond oil. Almonds are still processed and come in a variety of other forms, such as almond milk, flour and almond butter. Almonds, apart from a very special flavor, provide a plenty of benefits to the consumer, as they are rich sources of protein, vitamin E, fiber and many important amino acids. They still contain copper, B vitamins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and healthy fat. Eat raw almonds or almonds that have been in the water since last night in the refrigerator. It's the best way to get the benefits of this superfood. You can eat them also like snacks if you bake them in the oven or add them to yoghurt.

Recent studies have shown that almonds and other vitamin E rich foods may offer some protection to smokers against the risk of developing lung cancer. It is also claimed that almonds can act as protective against the development of bowel cancer. People suffering from colon cancer, even third stage, who regularly eat almonds, have a significantly lower risk of their cancer getting worse and die prematurely. 

According to a new major American scientific research, researchers at the Yale University, followed 826 people in a clinical trial for over six and a half years, and concluded that patients who consumed at least two servings of almonds per week had an average 42% improvement in cancer survival  and  a 57% improvement in overall survival, with respect to patients who didn’t eat almonds.

In addition, researchers from the University of California conducted research upon the effects of almond consumption on various types of cancer and demonstrated that the biggest impact was on rectal cancer. According to the study's authors, the results showed that almond consumption may reduce the risk of colon cancer through a lipid which is contained in these nuts. This research was published in the "Cancer Letters" scientific review.
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