Shipping container homes on the rise!

An idea that is increasingly materialized in our days is the construction of houses by shipping containers. Over the last decade, more and more architects around the world have incorporated shipping containers into schools, shops and  homes, primarily for financial but also for aesthetic reasons. These steel boxes are the units to be assembled on a plan for the desired result.

The movement of simplicity is gaining more and more fans in recent years, with huge and luxury homes to lend their place to small and smart homes. Now, you do not have to own a villa or thousands of acres of land in order to be proud of the place where you  live. On the contrary, the smallest and cleverly designed is a house, the greater the admiration it attracts.

The shipping container is a metal container used for the transportation of goods by ship, rail, commercial aircraft and also by truck. They are very durable, they cost about $3,000 each and the whole conversion process of them to a habitable home is very economical. An indicative price for a very good manufacturing quality, including permits, concrete bases, insulations, masonry, window frames, bathroom, floors and kitchen is about $500/sq.m.. So if you have a plot of land located in an area that can be licensed, then with a small amount of  money you can have a complete house.

The house that has the shipping containers as main building component offers many advantages, starting from its construction, since it has much shorter delivery timeframe and lower costs. This is mainly due to the nature of the raw material which is used as a unit, but also because of the certification of the particular dwellings. Furthermore, due to the use of the shipping container as a durable raw material but also as a structural element, vertebrate design with guaranteed anti-seismic behavior and transferability can be achieved if this need arises.

The size of the shipping container should be chosen to suit the needs. The typical width of the shipping container can reach up to 2.5 m while its length can reach up to 13.5 m. The standard shipping container height is 2.5 m with a maximum of 3 m.

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