The advantages of wooden houses!

Provided with the necessary maintenance, a wooden house has an unlimited lifetime, while taking into account that wood products require the less energy consumption than any other building material during their production process, we understand that wooden houses construction is an act of an eco-friendly way of life. 

Although the preference for wooden houses is mainly due to economic reasons, however, it should be noted that they also have important functional advantages which are mentioned as follows:

• First of all, we have to say that wood is present everywhere in the world and it  is a renewable raw material that does not pollute the environment when it decomposes.
• Wood maintains the favorable humidity inside the home contributing to the prevention of respiratory diseases. This fact creates a balanced microclimate and a pleasant atmosphere for the residents.
• Wooden houses are antiseismic because they are of  light weight while at the same time they present high degree of elasticity.
• Wood has excellent insulating properties due to its low thermal conductivity. The construction of  20 cm thick wooden walls have better energy efficiency than 32 cm thick brick walls construction, which means you save heat insulation materials and you also save on heating.
• In terms of materials, the construction of wooden houses costs less because it requires less cost for foundation construction, no interior decoration is needed,  and require relatively inexpensive building materials with respect to concrete and bricks.
• In terms of functionality the wooden houses consume less energy for heating, while the wooden walls will always have pleasant aesthetics both internally and externally.
• Money can also be saved due to lower transportation and assembly costs. Less work is needed, therefore less money.
• Disassembly is another key advantage. Because of its lightweight construction, a wooden house can be dismantled and be moved to a new location if necessary.

The maintenance of wooden houses starts from the factory which supplies the wood for their construction, by soaking the wood with special chemicals harmless to man, designed to protect them against fungus and humidity. Upon completion of the construction the wooden house is painted with an additional special impregnation varnish externally, but also internally if desired. This is the only protection that wooden houses need. These varnishes over time are absorbed by the wood, resulting in a 3-7 year protection period (depending on climatic conditions), which needs only an external new layer of varnish after its expiration. We do not need to scratch the surfaces but we apply it without pre-painting or any other way. These varnishes are available in various colors and most importantly they are wood preserving materials absolutely human friendly.

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