The many benefits of green open spaces!

There is no question about the positive effects of nature on human health. Parks, groves, green open spaces, fountains, lakes, rivers, can be our peaceful shelters as long as we are in our private place where we can relax, rest, exercise, walk or simply exist alongside with them.

Two scientific studies show that green areas play an important role in the health of humans. The most recent one, conducted by a group of Dutch scientists from the Ιnstitute for Ηealth and Care Research, VU University of Amsterdam, showed that the more green areas the citizen can access in a radius of 1 km around his home, so much he significantly reduces the chances of getting ill. Dutch researchers studied the history of about 345,000 patients and recorded how often 24 different diseases appeared to them. The thorough research which published to the scientific magazine "The British Medical Journal", showed that those who stayed close to green neighborhoods had fewer medical problems such as asthma, intestinal disorders, diabetes and back pain. Especially the depression cases were very low in those living next to the green (only 32 out of 1000 in areas with 10% green coverage, while still fewer in places with 90% coverage, about 24 out of 1000).

The use of materials for landscaping  is a very serious issue for architects, especially when these materials are of a dynamic nature. This category also includes plant species. The vegetation acts  in many ways by renewing oxygen, collecting pollutants, absorbing dust, mitigating noise, providing protection from wind and rain, decrease extreme temperatures, reducing noise pollution, giving shade free from ultraviolet rays, as well as aesthetically improving the landscape. The benefits of green range from positive natural and psychological effects to man to the ecological balance and conservation of biodiversity.

The percentage of free and green spaces is a factor and measure for good planning and a high level of quality of living in a home. The deterioration in quality of life is linked to the limited green areas and the lack of contact with the natural environment.

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