Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)!

Air humidity has been found to be the most viable source of water for the future. Water obtained from atmospheric water vapor is readily available and offered in unlimited quantities. This source of drinking water is abundant and can be used anywhere in the world.

The Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is an electrical appliance that uses technology by which ambient air vapor is converted into drinking water, which is processed using advanced membrane and sterilization technologies and finally offered for consumption to consumers. This revolutionary method comes to meet the growing demand for drinking water with fine taste and high quality, an alternative source of water that is valuable to those who do not want to depend on third parties to ensure clean drinking water.

AWG first introduces the air through an electrostatic filter which holds 93% of all air particles. The collected water of the air humidity ends in a collecting disk and immediately passes through an  ultraviolet (UV) lamp where it remains in contact with the UV rays for about 30 minutes. This procedure removes 99.9% of all microbes and bacteria present in the water. The water is then passed to a filtering device where all sediments and volatile substances of the water are collected, and finally it ends in a cooling or heating tank for disposal to consumers.

The cost of producing water this way is too low and it doesn’t exceed $0.07/lt since all that is needed is electricity. By comparison the water production cost by an AWG does not exceed that of a normal refrigerator operation. There are different models of AWGs in the market which depending on the quantity of water they produce per day they have a range of some lt to tons of water production. In general,  models which are suitable for households have a range in  prices between $2000-$4000.

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