Common carp freshwater aquaculture!

The agricultural sector provides the opportunity to set up a business not only in domestic mammals farming and poultry farming, but in the field of fish farming too. A good start to organize our own small fish farm can take place by breeding common carp (Cyprinus carpio), even in our home.

Common carp is a fish of lakes and rivers, originated in Asia and spread throughout the world because of its commercial value. In nature, it is usually 50-60 cm long and weighs 2-3 kg, but there are individuals who can exceed 1.20 m in length and 25 kg of weight. It is a good source of protein for humans and because of its minimum requirements it is particularly suitable for breeding. The most important factors for the growth of common carp are water temperature and dissolved oxygen levels, no matter if the particular fish is very resistant when they are low. Common carp can live at temperatures of 4-30 °C and the optimal temperature for its breeding is about 22-26 °C.

The depth of the ponds that will accommodate the fish should not be more than 1.5-2 m. The position of the ponds is also very important. A very good choice of  ponds placement can be  if a part of them is in the shade, because during very hot weather the fish will have to hide in cooler water. Ponds with closed water circuit are required and it is necessary to install filters, pumps and ultraviolet sterilizers. In addition, it is necessary to install small taps or small artificial waterfalls to ventilate the water, so that the health and safety of the fish in the ponds is guaranteed.

One of the disadvantages of common carp fish farming is the long payback period of investment, mainly because big fish have always increased demand from buyers. The ideal weight of common carp for commercial exploitation is 1.5-2 kg, and in order to achieve this weight it is necessary to breed the fish for two years. But the opportunity to accelerate the repayment of investment is still there. Another option is to buy live fish of one year of age weighing up to 300 gr each. The cost of this raw material is of course more expensive, but only within one year a producer can grow common carp in commercial size.

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