Home backup diesel generators!

Backup generators are practically miniatures of power plant generators and therefore having such a generator in our home, we can supply the entire electrical network of the household with electricity in the event of a power failure.

Generators are primarily used as backup power sources and  they can provide reliable energy solutions on their own or in combination with batteries and  photovoltaic panels. Diesel backup generators, according to their output, typically produce single-phase or three-phase current, which can power by an inverter intervention all the electrical devices of a household with alternating current for immediate use, or can charge batteries through a charger. Modern diesel backup generators are reliable machines and are capable of powering a household with great power but also providing high power backup for many hours.

In times of high electricity consumption (i.e. in summer and winter) increased energy demands cause power outages. On the other hand, all homes have electrical appliances that need to be constantly in operation as well as there may be elderly or sick people in the house supported by electrical devices. A diesel backup generator is therefore a good and economical option to continue the everyday life of a family without interruption, even when the broader electricity network of the particular area  is out of service.

Candidate buyers should make a careful assessment of their home’s  energy requirements before purchasing a diesel generator. There are many types of diesel generators for household use in the market with different outputs, and in general their price starts at $1,000 for generators with an output of 4,5 kW and goes up to $2,000 for generators with an output of 6 kW. A diesel backup generator connection to the existing electricity network of the house has to be made by a qualified electrician, as well as to choose a safe location in order to protect it from weather conditions, not to affect the dwelling with its exhaust gases, but also to reduce the noise of its operation.

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