Mini oil mill plant for domestic olive oil production and packaging!

The production of olive oil has always been an industrial process, often monopolistic and privileged. According to this fact, many olive oil producers are asking if they can produce and  bottle  their own olive oil in their own facilities. The short answer is YES!

Olive oil is the oily juice of olives and coexists along with other liquid and solid ingredients in them, and by processing the olives we aim to release the oil and separate it from the other ingredients. Two-phase electric oil mills cover these needs with processing capacities ranging from 20-50 kg of olives per hour. Their operation is very simple and efficient, achieving the complete separation of olive oil and olive paste, which is nothing more than a mixture of solid and liquid olive residues that can be used as fodder, fuel, but also as fertilizer for trees or the garden. More specifically, each two-phase electric oil mill consists of the following parts:

• Crusher, which transforms the olives into olive paste, using high-speed hammers (knives).
• Mixer, where the olive paste is malaxed for 25-45 minutes depending on the type of olives.
• Decanter, where 2 cylinders rotate at a speed of 2800-3500 rpm, dividing the olive oil from the olive paste, which is transferred to another outlet. The olive paste (pomace) of this final processing stage consists of pits, olive core, moisture and olive oil by 3-4%.

During the above process using a two-phase electric oil mill, no liquid waste is generated and no water is required in the decanter. In addition, all  two-phase electric oil mills are continuous and constantly supplied with olives, which are automatically propelled from the intake hopper into the crusher-mixer-decanter. Last but not least, in order to complete the processing and standardization of a small producer's olive oil production, the following additional equipment is necessary:

• Plate frame filter press
• Bottle filler for packaging 150ml-5lt
• Bottle capping machine for metal screw caps
• Labeling machine

The indicative cost for the above machinery is $10,000-$15,000, an amount of money that is certainly important but not prohibitive to allow a small producer exploit his production by the most friendly and cost-effective way.

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