Organizing farming webinars for supplementary income!

Once organizing a webinar, the small farmer is given the opportunity to present his cognitive level, his abilities and skills, and of course his products and services to a specific audience. In addition, the farmer has the ability to project himself in person during a webinar, which could only be positively perceived by the participants as well as potential partners and customers.

Webinar, an abbreviation of  "web-based seminar", is a lecture or web-based presentation on the internet. A very important feature of the webinar is the ability of presenters and  participants to interact remotely in real time. During a webinar participants when given the permission by the presenter, they may:

• Communicate via headphone, microphone and camera
• Raise hand (virtually), either to ask a question or to answer any questions from the presenter, etc.
• Ask questions to presenter
• Use virtual markers to point something on a whiteboard or to share their screen to show something
• Respond to questionnaires or polls during the presentation and see the results of all those who have responded

In addition to the ability watch a webinar in real time and online, it is very important to be able watch some sessions of it or the whole webinar at a later time through videos. This way, when someone was not available to watch  the whole webinar or parts of it in real time, he  can do so later on, or even repeat watching as many times as he wants. For this reason, all webinars are recorded as video archives and they are available to participants at anytime by the presenter.

According to the above, a farm owner is quite simple to organize a cycle of webinars related to the agricultural production processes which take place in his farm, supported by audiovisual material such as videos and photos of his own plant and animal production. For this service the farmer can ask for a fee from the webinar participants in order to watch it, and for as much as he can provide quality content and information, participants will not be sceptical by paying a fee, on the contrary, they will be satisfied with their decision to participate.

Webinars can be presented in any language, but given the unlimited number of participants guaranteed by the internet once  the webinars are addressed to an English speaking audience, it is obvious there may be a quite interesting cash influx into farmer's bank account from this activity.

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