Advantages and disadvantages of Pickup trucks!

According to the announcements of automakers who offer representatives in the light trucks category, or Pickup trucks, their new models are significantly improved in all sectors and above all in terms of transport capabilities and efficiency of the engines they are supplied. 

It is worth noting with the exception of specific versions, that all new Pickup trucks are able to support loads weighing over 1 ton, and their maximum  pull capability has increased to 3.5 tons for loads with brakes. In addition, the full range of diesel engines they are supplied is stronger, with increased torque reserves at low engine speeds, while at the same time both fuel consumption and emissions have been drastically reduced to meet the requirements of exhaust emissions regulations.

As far as their road behavior is concerned, the agricultural vehicle framework they incorporate by their design  is quite tiring for the passengers, because the vehicle bounce once it confronts anomalies of the pavement. They have a length of over 5 m, a large turning circle and a steering wheel with more turns than a passenger car. On the other hand they also have significant advantages. At first they do not stick anywhere in the off-road routes and have a rear open cargo area that you can close it with a cover and have a passenger vehicle this way. An important advantage is also that the driver is sitting high and enjoys a “road-master” feeling.

Summing up, with a Pickup truck you sit high and you are the road-master, its road behavior is satisfying even if the truck’s responses are slow to the steering wheel, the comfort and safety equipment is top-notch, the rear open cargo area fits everything, you can drive anywhere you want to off-road destinations, but you lose comfort in the city as the truck’s body is bouncing. The prices of a new Pickup truck range from $15,000 to $35,000 depending on the model and the automaker, but there are also cheaper options on the market for used vehicles, that make the cost of getting a Pickup truck even more accessible to those who are interested.

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