Almond trees cultivation!

Almond (Prunus dulcis or Prunus amygdalus) is a tree found in many parts of the world, which generously offers its wonderful fruits that we enjoy fresh but also dried. Beyond that, almonds along with their winter flowering send a message of immense optimism and beauty to the people.

Almond is a deciduous tree that reaches a height of  3-8 m and has simple, lanceolate, toothed and glossy leaves. Its buds are distinguished in woody and flowering ones and its flowers are white or pink in color. Furthermore, its fruits consist of the exocarp, the mesocarp and the endocarp that surrounds the seed.

Almond loves dry and warm climates, without much rain, it is frost-resistant but sensitive to humid environments which favor infestations of fungi and bacteria. Almonds prefer medium soils, fertile, with good drainage, although they can also grow on dry and barren limestone soils, even rocky. Featuring a very powerful and invasive root system, the almond spreads in depth, absorbing the available amounts of water and nutrients.

Regarding the establishment of a new almond orchard we prefer productive almond varieties, with high percentage of kernel in their fruits as well as late-flowering ones,  specially in the northern regions in order not to destroy their flowers. We are looking for hard or semi-hard almond varieties, as fluffy are more easily affected after harvest and with mononuclear fruits which present a low percentage of twin-kernel almonds. Well-known almond varieties incorporating all the above features are Texas, Truoito and Ferragnes, planted in squares with a distance of 6-8 m between the seedlings.

Almond can yield its first fruits in the 3rd year after its planting and remain productive until its 70th year, while at the peak stage of production it comes after its 7th-8th year. The almond yields 4-16 kg of almonds per tree, the cost of establishing a new almond orchard is around $200 per 1,000 sq.m., and the cost of an almond orchard systemic fertilization, irrigation and trees protection ranges from $150-$250 per 1,000 sq.m..
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