Excursions with a campervan!

Campervan combines the freedom of free camping with the luxury of staying in a small home. Life in a campervan is very enjoyable as it exudes keenly and constantly the sense of holidays.

Staying in a campervan  has  not  to envy much of the stay at home, since beyond  its size, it lacks nothing compared with a modern apartment. On the contrary, it excels because it always has a comfortable veranda with breathtaking views of the sea, mountain, river and everything else can please everyone. The internal accomodation features of a typical campervan are as follows:

• Double and single beds as well as berths
• Fully equipped kitchen with fridge, sink, cupboards, hot plates and kitchen utensils
• Bathroom with chemical toilet, sink, cupboard and shower
• Dining room with seating and TV-DVD
• Many windows with screens and curtains
• Water tank typically of 120 lt capacity that is sufficient for every use over a 3-day period
• Sockets operating by selecting one of four types of power like engine dynamo, battery, LPG or electricity

The advantages of campervan tours consist by providing autonomy, contact with nature and flexibility in decisions. As far as the budget is concerned, they make a bigger money saving than you have to pay if you were about to rent a room to the destination you chose, especially if you are traveling with a company. The capacity of campervans  is still another advantage because they can accommodate up to 8 people, while passengers can have freedom of movement throughout the journey. In addition, when the campervan  is in its "natural" condition, with its tents and windows closed, it is legitimate to park anywhere, just like any other passenger car.

The costs of buying and maintaining a campervan are of course issues which could be condidered as shortcomings. As far as the cost of buying a new vehicle is concerned, payback occurs within 5 years as long as the owner uses it for at least 40 days a year. It is obvious that the payback period of such an investment is a matter of the time spent by the owner of the particular vehicle for excursions with it during the year. On the other hand, there are plenty of campervans in the market of used vehicles at very advantageous prices, a fact which makes the purchase of such a vehicle even more affordable.

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