Homemade almond feta cheese production!

In case we want to produce vegan feta cheese in our home, the best fruits we can choose are raw almonds of new crops. Almonds are white in color like white cheeses, they have a taste similar to this of vegan cheeses, and they are rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium.

Almonds do not contain lactose and almond feta cheese is a very good substitute for cheeses of animal origin in the diet of people intolerant to lactose. In addition, almonds even after they have been pulped, retain a texture that counts a lot in the final product of vegan feta cheese preparation, which gives the feeling of real feta cheese. The materials necessary to prepare almond feta cheese as well as the process of its preparation are as follows.

• 100 gr raw dried almonds
• 40 gr lemon juice or 40 gr apple cider vinegar
• 110 gr corn flour
• 20 gr salt
• 1 cup of hot water
• 1 cup of cold water

• Soak the almonds for 12 hours in water and peel them (if they do not peel boil them in boiling water for a few minutes)
• Put the almonds into the blender and add the cup of hot water
• Mix until they become a thick cream
• Dissolve the corn flour in the cup of cold water along with all the other ingredients, and add the solution into the almond cream previously prepared
• Mix until a homogenous mixture appears
• Pour the mixture into a small pot and heat it over medium temperature on a hot plate by mixing the content continuously with a wooden kitchen spoon
• Allow the content to boil over by medium heating and once it begins to thicken and becomes a thick cream, lower the temperature to minimum and mix for another minute
• Remove the pot from the hot plate and allow its content to cool down for a while
• Place the content in a glass or plastic container slightly oiled
• Place the container in the refrigerator

Almond feta is easily cut into slices and if you do not want even the smallest piece of almond in the cheese, you can pass the mixture from a thin strainer before it is about to be boiled in the pot. Almond feta is preserved in the refrigerator and is available for consumption for about 1-2 weeks after the date of  its preparation.

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