Sheep and goats breeding for supplementary income!

Millions of people throughout the world earn an income from sheep and goats breeding, which can be profitable when it takes place on a medium to large scale. However, as in almost all crops and livestock activities, the first 1-2 years are introductory and it is good not to expect significant production.

Any farmer can start breeding 3-4 female sheep and goats for milk and mating them occasionally with males from other flocks. After a few years, he will expand his livestock capital and have enough experience in managing all kinds of sheep and goats, he will know how to control all types of expenses and how to find markets to sell his products with some profit (meat, milk, wool).

At first, it is very important animal feed production to account about 50% of total consumption as the cost of livestock feeding is high and ranges between $200 to $300 per year per sheep-goat. If the farmer has land of ​​2 acres per 12-15 sheep and goats, and if its flora is enough and suitable to provide at least 50% of animals feed during the 9 months of the year, then he can benefit from a diet based on grazing and avoid spending significant amounts of money on animal feed. If the particular field cannot produce enough flora, he must have the financial resources to purchase a certain quantity of commercial animal feed. On the other hand 25% of sheep and goats breeding total cost is related to energy (electricity, oil).

In all cases, the most important costs consist by animals purchase and hosting, feed, milking equipment and medicines-vaccines. In addition, the farmer must add to his expenses the milking infrastructures, the slaughtering and meat processing infrastuctures, as well as the storage and processing of milk. In many countries, there are very strict regulations, so the majority of livestock farmers outsource these activities to private companies.

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