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AUTONOMY is an online magazine focusing on home autonomy, created by the personal impulsion of people who are dealing with domestic self-sufficiency research to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. The cell of home autonomy philosophy is the Autonomous Home, which by definition is a farmhouse located within a ​​land property of at least 4 acres (about 16,187 sq.m.) total area that in addition hosts infrastructures related to plant and animal production, processing of primary production, energy production, auxiliary constructions, hostels and various professional activities.

It is very easy to understand that the Autonomous Home cannot or it is very difficult to exist in urban areas where the density of the population is high, but instead of this it may exist to suburban and rural areas where the density of the population is low, and therefore allows the average citizen to be the owner of the minimum land area of ​​4 acres which is required as previously mentioned for the development of agricultural and livestock farming, as well as other activities requiring auxiliary spaces and land.

Furthermore, technology and industrial production have achieved such a level of accessibility and innovation in our days that without exaggeration has surpassed all expectations of the past, and can support with relatively inexpensive equipment all the activities related to high quality of everyday life. This fact, which has not been the case even in the recent past, gives us today the possibility to equip a farmhouse with technological applications which create high quality of life, lowering the cost of living, reduce working time, and create the conditions to produce by ourselves many of the goods we consume.

Here at AUTONOMY we are trying to bring the revolution which takes place today on new ways of living to the wider internet audience, and to incorporate it into the philosophy of domestic self-sufficiency by the most complete way. For this reason, at the right column of AUTONOMY website you can find all of our articles dealing with the activities related to the Autonomous Home categorized in several sections. Finally, we wish our effort to be a subject of interest by our readers and to help their own research for more domestic self-sufficiency and home autonomy.

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